21 (Fri) September 2018 || Staff Webmail

Cargomind Sdn Bhd

Health, Safety And Environment Safety Guideline

commitment to safeguard the preservation of the environment and employee’s health and safety is an integral part of each decision we make at Cargomind Sdn Bhd. We strive to ensure that efficiency and quality go hand-in-hand with the well-being of our environment and people.

This policy is governed by these main principals:

  • All personnel are placed under vigilant performance evaluation, according to legal and corporate rules and regulations
  • Work environment is made to eliminate probability of hazards through everything from equipment and facilities to operating procedures and professional competence
  • All risks and requirements will be thoroughly ascertained in order to preserve the health and safety of our people and environment
  • Performance is constantly reviewed, analysed and monitored in order to maximise customer satisfaction in tandem with our HSE Guidelines
  • Our HSE policy and goals will be communicated to all parties of interest comprising customers, employees, contractors, suppliers and the public
  • Immediate investigation and response will be done and reported to the person in-charge in the event of any untoward occurrence

We intend to continue making our mark in the industry through teamwork and adherence to ever higher standards of business practices and work culture.