21 (Fri) September 2018 || Staff Webmail

Cargomind Sdn Bhd

Halal Islamic Cleaning

New service from Cargomind and its group offer specialized cleaning services as per the Syariah/Halal requirement.

We perform sertu/samak services for export and import containers.

Why need to clean as per Islamic requirement.

The first thing in the religion brought by Prophet Muhammad was attention to cleanliness. Islam is very much emphasized cleanliness, both in physical aspects (body) and spiritual aspects (of worship). When people are always looking at cleanliness, Islam emphatically describes it and making it the principal that is needed in the trust. A Muslim is required to clean moral and spiritual good for the physical.

Our responsibility is not only for ourselves, but also to bring our Muslim friends in healthy living practices. Health and hygiene was built from a clean body, heart and mind. It's very important that we care our food, clothes, thoughts and feelings. Each portion of us who look or not, it's all connected with each other. Every Muslim who always ensure and maintain the cleanliness are given consideration reward. Good hygiene practices are carried out will be the symbols and the identity of Muslims, especially in human life. Health is closely related to cleanliness. A person will be healthy, if you have a clean life.