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Logistics management is responsible for satisfying customer demands. Logistics management is also important for creating visibility into a company's supply chain. 3PLs have the expertise and advanced technology to cut costs and improve processes much more efficiently than companies can in-house

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  • Latest Technology - Changing the future of Logistics
  • Safety & Quality - Caution is the parent of safety
  • Care for Environment - Analyse your products

Our Services

Integrated Logistics

Integrated logistics is a service-oriented process. It incorporates actions that help move the product from the raw material source to the final customer


Contract Logistics

Contract logistics companies handle activities such as designing and planning supply chains, designing facilities, warehousing, transporting and distributing goods,


Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is for all operations related to the reuse of products and materials. It is “the process of moving goods from their typical final


Multimodal Transport Operator

Multimodal transport operator (MTO) status awarded by Malaysia Ministry of Finance to facilitate all Government Agencies shipments.



Customs Agent

Forwarding & Shipping

Sea Freight

LCL / FCL & Conventional

Air Freight

Consolidation and Charter

Warehouse & Distribution

Bonded & Non Bonded

Land Transportation

Domestic, International & Rail

Project Cargo Management

Heavy lifting Arrangement


Personal, Household and Office

Husbandry Services

Berthing, Crew change and etc

Halal Logistics

Worldwide monitoring systems

Marine Insurance

Cargo insurance


The main objective of Halal Logistics Management System is to ensure the quality of Halal and Cleanliness for end user by monitoring the flow and movement of goods from point of origin to point of destination.


The Strategic Trade Act (STA) 2010 [Act 708], is the legislation that controls the export, transshipment, transit and brokering of strategic items and technology, including arms and related material, as well as activities that will or may facilitate the design, development, production and delivery of weapons of mass destruction. This Act is consistent with Malaysia’s international obligations on national security.

As Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO) by Ministry of Finance, we are able to serve the government project, aid and relief sector


High tech industry requires fast and reliable logistics chains that link the industry’s key production sites with distribution channels throughout the world. Semi-conductor industry, the computer and electronics industry, or provide electronic manufacturing services, we understand your business and requirements.


As Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO) by Ministry of Finance, we are able to serve the government project, aid and relief sector

The aerospace industry and with it, it’s supply chains is continuously evolving and growing in complexity as a result of aerospace segmentation and the growing speed-to-market requirements. Cargomind focuses its services on  parts (normal and oversize), helicopters, smaller manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, as well as niche services.

Using a freight forwarder to import and export goods can make the whole process much less stressful. Extremely knowledgeable in the elements of supply chain, freight forwarders can assist on all levels, from the packing and warehouse stages to the customs procedure, taking some of the pressure off you.

Using a freight forwarding company for the transportation of goods to your consumer can be advantageous to your business in many ways. Using their knowledge and expertise, freight forwarders will ensure that your goods will arrive at the correct destination on time and save you money in the process, compared to doing it alone.

Customised transport and integrated logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, following at all times the highest quality and service standards that the management of the pharmaceutical products supply chain require.


Cargomind provide transportation and logistics services that enable client to make their supply chains leaner and more agile. In return, manufacturer will achieve the necessary flexibility to effectively manage the complex supply and demand of their customers. Our experts will work with you to provide tailor made solutions to meet your specific supply chain requirements



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