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Customised transport and integrated logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, following at all times the highest quality and service standards that the management of the pharmaceutical products supply chain require.

At Cargomind Sdn Bhd, we offer services for pharmaceutical and healthcare wholesalers of all sizes, from the smallest regional distributors to the biggest global multi-nationals. Whether a company has low, medium, or high-volume distribution requirements, at Cargomind, we’re ready to help.

We provide visibility and monitoring services across every stage of the supply chain, and our solutions are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, including handling time and temperature sensitive shipments

Our pharmaceutical and healthcare services include:

Creation of specialized SOP’s

Fully GDP Compliant Distribution

Monitored End-to-End Cold Chain Distribution

Full Fleet of Temperature-Controlled GDP Vehicles

Alerts and Visibility for Time and Temperature-Sensitive Shipments

Detailed Proactive Risk Management

Reverse Logistics for Product Recalls, Returned, and Salvaged Products

Packaging Solutions

Container Solutions

Qualified Thermal Pallet Covers and Multi-Use Insulation Blankets


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