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Logistics Planning

Planning encapsulates various factors. It involves procuring the goods, storage facilities, and delivery of products.

The goal of logistics planning is to ensure logistics services are extended at sufficient service levels at the lowest or most efficient cost. At Cargomind, we are ensuring that your business plan remains viable by arranging an intersection of all of your logistical needs, as well as creating a comprehensive plan that the logistics manager can follow in practice.

These logistical needs involve making sure all of your resources are:

– Of acceptable quality to produce the final products you intend,

– In the correct quantities, neither too much nor too little, to avoid both supply price fluctuation and excessive storage costs,

– Sourced appropriately, both in terms of reliability, transparency, and risk to public opinion,

– At the right place, where they can be used by your business,

– At the right time, allowing a leaner, low-storage model while avoiding delays and shortages,

– And at the right price, in terms of the most effective and efficient pricing, which is not always the lowest.


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